DM Waxing is a full body waxing studio located in Central Florida. In early 2020, I was hired to create fresh branding for them that would emulate modern beauty blog aesthetics, targeting an audience interested not only in waxing, but beauty information, memes, and culture.

the creative direction

Where to begin?

DM Waxing had no branding when I was brought on; they had only a set of navy blue business cards that clashed with the bubblegum-pink and metallic gold of their salon, and an Instagram page with a mismatched array of low-resolution beauty memes, wildly different before-and-after images, and screenshots of text.

Beautifully Branded

The main issue was that there was no brand identity; posts were not cohesive, image resolution was low, and tags weren't be utilized to the fullest. The colors were an easy choice, as the look of the salon was beautifully done, even though the branding did not reflect that. The use of the neon-sign look produces a feminine-grunge appeal that we wanted to aim for, helping the brand stand out among a sea of flowery, pastel colored, and overly-feminine beauty brands.

Marketing with Memes

After the branding was created, the next project I wanted to tackle was creating a package of DM Waxing-specific versions of popular beauty memes. The purpose of this was to create a high-resolution, unique version of memes that would entice beauty influencers, brands, and followers to repost the DM Waxing imagery, rather than the low-resolution posts currently circulating. We've had a great return on this imagery, which has helped the account grow organically without paying for ads from ~200 followers when I was brought on, to nearly 400 in about a month.