In August of 2013, I bought a flat vending machine on craigslist for $100. I went to Staples, had some of my artwork printed on paper labels, and then went home and cut them all out by hand. I sliced up some scrap chipboard, folded it into slips, filled the 50¢ pull machine with this artwork, and then casually placed it outside of my university's library. Two days later, I received word that my sticker machine had been arrested.

Ever since then, I've been (legally!) dropping the machine at local businesses and art shows. It's been featured at a plethora of places, including The Pink House Exhibition, Common Grounds, and Grandma Party, and currently resides at Falcon Bar.

self-proclaimed sticker genius

Originally called "The Sticker Machine," FUNCLUB has produced over 50 unique sticker designs (now) printed on high-quality vinyl), as well as 3 successful t-shirt runs, with plans to continue to grow into other merchandise. Starting as a randomly placed sticker machine and growing into a small online shop, FUNCLUB is at it's core a passion project run on Etsy, with high hopes for the future!