Souvenir bundles, event collateral, festival t-shirts, theme park apparel; there's nothing quite like a tangible memory. Creating merchandise for well-known brands requires the ability to follow and predict trends in fabric, art, technique, and color, and then present these trend boards for future lines for a variety of IP's.

Cedar Fair Parks (Peanuts)

I've completed several successful lines for Cedar Fair and the Charlie Brown gang, featured at Cedar Fair parks across the country. For these projects, I pursued custom dyes using pigments and splatters, conducted printing experiments with jelly and glow inks, and curated brand faithfulness by pulling direct quotes and humor from the original Charlie Brown comics and animations.

Most successful Peanuts programs include the Peanuts Collegiate (2016/2017), Peanuts Neon (2016/2017), Peanuts Holiday (2017), Kings Island Blue Ice Cream (2019), and Celebrating 100 Years (2019) programs. Most successful Cedar Fair programs include the Cedar Fair collegiate line (2016/2017), and the Grand Carnivale program (2019).

Universal Studios

From Springfield to Bikini Bottom, the wide array of characters and worlds at Universal Studios lent itself to some incredibly fun and unique programs. Current trends in internet humor play an important role in many of their IP's, as well as staying on top of the latest in printing tech, such as lenticular screen printing, color changing inks, foils, glow effects, and more.

Six Flags Parks

Six Flags is the home of beloved characters from Looney Tunes and DC Comics, as well as some very exciting Halloween events and bold collegiate programs. T-shirt bundles and hardlines were the most pressing projects, and I have a wealth of experience building spec sheets for many different items, from cups and flip flops to drawstring bags and packaging.

Most successful programs include Six Flags Collegiate(2016/2017), DC Comics Neon (2016/2017), Scream Your Head Off Halloween (2017), Hurricane Harbor Hardlines Set (2019), Waterpark Emoji Hardlines Set (2019).

Disney Parks & Resorts

No one can deny the importance of the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts within the themed entertainment community. Timeless icons meet new and exciting printing techniques and unique hardline products, all custom made for the Mouse! Working with Disney is always a blast, as they'll pull out all the stops to make interesting new merchandise.

Other Projects

Last but not least, a few single programs and one-offs for Boy Scouts of America, Caesars Entertainment and Casinos, Legoland, Seaworld, Walmart, and more.